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Workshop Packages

AOSA and Local Membership* (Includes all workshops) – $154.00

First Year Teacher AOSA and Local Membership* (Includes all workshops) – $124.00

Retired AOSA and Local Membership* (Includes all workshops) – $94.00

Local Membership and All Workshops (Already AOSA Member) – $60.00

Retired Local Membership and All Workshops (Already AOSA Member) – $30.00

STUDENTS – FREE (Please join AOSA at  This is also free.)

*Must be a National AOSA Member to be a Local Member (Local Workshop Package) 

AOSA raised national membership fees effective August 15, 2021.

Single Workshop Fees

First Time Guest Pass

In-Person Workshop – $50.00*

In-Person Workshop (First Year Teacher)- $40.00

Retired In-Person Workshop – $25.00*

*Rate change effective July 2022. $10 from each in-person workshop fee will now go to AOSA to help defray the cost of national operations.

Benefits of AOSA National Membership 

  • Access to Orff Echo, the quarterly journal of AOSA.
  • Access to Reverberations, the monthly online newsletter of other teachers sharing their best lesson ideas, tech ideas, classroom management, and more.
  • National Conference – one of the most rewarding and beneficial few days of PD ever!
  • AOSA grants and scholarships for instruments, levels training, special professional development.
  • Digital mentors – be one, or sign up to be assigned to one. A wonderful way to feel connected to the Orff community, and to give/receive personalized idea-sharing.
  • Multiple opportunities for professional learning networks, book studies, the AOSA video library, and archives.

Benefits of Local AOSA Membership 

  • A warm community of professional music colleagues!
  • Quarterly gatherings with lots of new ideas from talented presenters.
  • Scholarship opportunities for Levels training.
  • Visiting the BEST Orff Boutique in the country!
  • Interacting with music teachers at every level (college student, beginning teacher, mid-career, retired) provides beneficial support and idea-sharing for all.
  • Early-bird notification of job openings.
  • Digital access to our video library of workshops (Note: Students must be registered members before the final workshop of the year to get access)