Board Members

Greater Cincinnati AOSA

Chapter Board Members

If you would like to email a board member about their committee please contact the chapter by email and we will send your inquiry to the appropriate person.

Chapter Email

Julia AbantoBethune
Amy Beegle
Newsletter Editor
University of Cincinnati
Rob Bethune Video Librarian
Tracey Michalak Member-at-large
Dawn Bruestle West Music Liaison
Doug Bruestle Chapter President
Allison Corbin Member-at-Large
Becky Cornett Endowment Chair
John Crandall Webmaster
Ligaya DeLeon Membership Co-chair
Kay Edwards
College Credit Coordinator
Miami University Liaison
Amy Enloe Hospitality Co-chair
Tim Fuchtman Member-at-Large
Corrie Graham President Elect
Mary Ellen Haynes Member-at-Large
Jennifer Hess
Hospitality Co-Chair

Current President: Theresa McKnight 

President Elect:  Adam Depew               

Secretary: Amy Enloe      

Treasurer: Leslie Hicks                   

Program Chair: Julie Froude        

Membership Chairs: Kay Tyler & Linda Frye

Hospitality Chair: Janell Roeper 

Facilities Liaison: Melanie Sherby

Boutique:  Janelle Sergeant & Lisa Newell

Publicity: Allison Croskey                      

Miami University Liaison: Kay Edwards       

University of Cincinnati Liaison: Amy Beegle   

Videographer/Communication/Historian: Dale Poling  

Video Librarian: Dave Kauffman              

Scholarship Chair: Christina Reardon   

Endowment Chair: Bethany Howard         

Ashland Credit Liaison: Joel Rhodes

Past President: Tim Fuchtman

Member-at-Large: Doug Bruestle  

Member-at-Large: Dawn Bruestle   

Member-at-Large: Scott Roether 

Member-at-Large: Caitie Linger

Member-at-Large: Anna Calhoun