Greater Cincinnati AOSA Chapter President’s Message

Letter from the President, Theresa McKnight

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!   Welcome to 2019. Every new year, like many people, I make New Year’s Resolutions.  Honestly, I rarely stick with most of them, but one that I find myself dedicated to each January 1 is finding ways to challenge both myself and my students musically.  I have discovered yearly that even though I can’t keep my house clutter free or lose 20 pounds, I am able to find time to continue to bring new and wonderful activities and lessons into my classroom as well as continue to grow professionally.  

Our yearly GCCAOSA workshop package has always helped me to be successful in my endeavor to continue to develop professionally.  I am so excited about our next two workshops this year! Drue Bullington is coming on February 9 and we will finish our year with an extended workshop with Brian Hiller on March 2.   More details about each are in this newsletter and on our website. Both workshops are ones that you do not want to miss!

On top of all the wonderful professional development opportunities that our workshops offer, another aspect that I appreciate is the opportunity to be with people that value our profession.  I truly treasure the opportunity to talk to other elementary music educators that are passionate about what they do, and I find that our chapter members are just that – passionate and enthusiastic about the process of teaching music to children.   

Thank you to all of you for being amazing people and outstanding music educators who work to bring the best musical opportunities to their students daily.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2019!


Theresa McKnight

GCCAOSA President